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Questions you want to ask yourself?

- Are you financially set to handle the mental stress of starting over?
- Can you replace family treasures?
- Do you have enough room in your vehicles to get everything?
- Do you need fire insurance?
- If you are on vacation can you make it back in time to get your belongings?
- Are you ready to live in an RV, motel, or family member's home for 12-36 months until repairs are complete?
- If you own a business do you have the resources to withstand closing until repairs are done along with restocking inventory and employee wages?  

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Exterior Fire Protection System

Learn how the Exterior Fire Protection System can protect your investment

What is 1472 Protection?

1472 Protection Value Proposition with CORE VALUES 
1472 Protection is a custom design firefighting system company that increases protection and helps prevent fires. We innovate the best fire protection system while building a solid relationship with our customers and educate the public on emerging fire hazards.

      * Wildfire protection - We have our signature fire protection system called the Exterior Fire Protection System which is the only two-stage custom-designed system (fire gel & water) on the market that is designed to protect your property from wildfires and is monitored via cellular or satellite (you do not have to be home for it to work, we do the monitoring for you). All individual systems are custom designed to best protect your property. The Exterior Fire Protection System can be used on Vineyards, bridges communication arrays, and more….
      * Lithium battery protection - we focus on electrical car fires, large battery storage systems, and garage fire suppression for electrical cars. With the increase in electric car production is your local fire department prepared? Our Rapid Response Unit is designed to handle electrical thermal runaway reaction fires.
      * Firefighting equipment - Drago Cannon the next generation of firefighting equipment. 

Hidden Dangers

Learn what lurks as hidden dangers in your mountain or wild land-urban interface areas along with how 1472 Protection Exterior Fire Protection System works in tandem with defensible space to give you the best increased protection from wildfires.  

Defensible Space

In this book you will learn the three zones of defensible space on your property and why it is important to maintain it. 


Exterior Fire Protection System

The Exterior Fire Protection (EFPS) is 1472 Protection signature fire protection system. The EFPS is a 2 stage system that is custom designed and monitored by satellite.

Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System

The Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System (VEFPS) are custom designed to protect vineyards.  This 3 section system will protect structures, vineyard and have perimeter. 



FireIce® halts fire advancement, limits steam production, suppresses harmful vapors, rapidly cools the fire’s fuel and prevents the fire from rekindling.

Fire Fighting Equipment

The top of the line fire equipment is used by the numerous government agencies along with fire departments.

Lithium Fire Fighting Equipment

Specialize in lithium battery defense.  We have came up with the Garage Fire Protection System and Rapid Response Unit EV.


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