Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System

Growing a vineyard or other crops can take years till crops are fully mature. One fire can take out your entire investment. Is that what you want? VEFPS includes 3-layers of protecting your livelihood and hard work. 

Our satellite system (Eyes in the sky) keep you informed with updates before, during and after an event by monitoring the activity. The 3-phase system is activated from our control center keeping you in-tune without having to worry. Just focus on your employees and getting everyone to safety. 

1472 Protection has designed a Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System (VEFPS) increasing protection against wildfires.  The VEFPS consists of up to 3 sections of protection.

Section 1: is the basic exterior fire protection system that will cover the structures and property around the structures. This is a 2 stage system with fire gel and water.
Section 2: is the vineyard is comprised of having both a ground sprinkler system along with above-ground sprinkler system  (above the grapevines)  main defense for the grapevines will be fire gel (can install a water system to create a water dome (mist) over the vineyard to go with the fire gel).
Section 3: is a perimeter system consists of fire gel giving an extra wildfire barrier around the vineyard (40'-60’).

The Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System (VEFPS) is a custom-designed system that is monitored by satellite.  1472 Protection monitors for wildfires and controls the VEFPS from its control center so you do not have to worry about turning on the system.  Just focus on getting you and your employees to safety.

Advantages of getting the Vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System

Greatly increase the chances of you coming back to your vineyard.
Reduction in insurance premiums:10-50%
Do not have to be home for the system to work,
1472 Protection monitors your area 24/7/365 or in some areas just the fire season.
REAL TIME ALERTS you if there is a wildfire in your area via cell phone (call or text) or email.
Do not have to worry about starting the system if you are being evacuated. Just focus on family or employees.
Every system is custom-designed to fit your property like a glove.
Have an assigned customer service agent answer question(s): no robotic responses.
Business can use the tax incentive to depreciate the cost of the EFPS up to $1.04 million dollars

 Disadvantages of not having the vineyard Exterior Fire Protection System

Lose everything
Financially crippling
Higher insurance rates or not having insurance

To learn more about our Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System you can go to or email us at or call 1.800.284.3038

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