10 Reasons To Purchase 1472 Protection Protection System

Here in Colorado, we have the Cameron Peak Pass and Mullen fires going here in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We also have a wildfire just west of Denver the Williams fork fire. In California, Oregon, and Washington there are numerous wildfires, as you can tell we are in the wildfire season for the western United States. So what have you done to protect yourself and your property from wildfires? 1472 Protection is a wildfire protection specialist company, we come in and assess the situation for wildfire protection for your home or business. All our protection systems are custom-made for your home/business and property. We know that there are no two homes or businesses built the same that is why we custom make the exterior fire protection system, so it fits like a glove on your structures and property. Here are 10 reasons to purchase the 1472 Protection exterior fire protection system.
1. Gives you peace of mind that when you get evacuated that your home or business will be there when you return.
2. You do not have to be home to have the system go off. Because we at 1472 Protection will monitor your system from our operation center.
3. You do not have to worry about igniting your system when being evacuated. 1472 takes care of that so you can concentrate on getting your family and personal things out.
4. The FireIce 561 fire retardant and suppressant is approved by the U.S. Forest Service. It is biodegradable; it can be used in endangered species areas. Once the fire has passed and you are back at the property all you have to do is wash it off with your garden hose and let the UV rays from the sun do the rest.
5. The exterior fire protection system is a closed system, which means it a stand-alone system, where it has its own, water, electricity and the only outside system is the satellite system which monitors for wildfires and triggers the system with help from heat sensors located on the perimeter of your property.
6. Customer Service is second to none. We assign a client agent to each client. Their job is to build a solid relationship with the client, so if the client has any questions they call their agent to get their questions answered, so no machine responds.
7. Each exterior fire protection system is custom-made to fit your property like a glove.
8. We do both stand-alone systems along with community systems. We can design a whole subdivision defense system.
9. We offer different payment options to meet your budget needs.
10. With the installation of our exterior fire protection system it will decrease your insurance premium by 10 to 50% depending on your insurance agency.
Why have that numb feeling of losing everything when you get the order to evacuate! 1472 Protection greatly increases the protection factor from wildfires, giving you peace of mind when you leave and return you will come back to your home business still standing and not having to starting over with only a very few memories and nowhere to live. Until next time stay safe, and if you have any questions you can visit our website at 1472protection.com, email info@1472protection.com or call us at 970.691.5947. Have a great day!

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