2020 Wildfire Season In Review

2020 wildfire season was historic here in the western United States. The reason it was a historic year for wildfires, the combined wildfires burned thousands of miles across the western United States. Here in Colorado, 3 historic wildfires burned close to a thousand miles of forest area.  There is no feeling of helplessness than when you are evacuating your property and seeing a wall of flames coming towards you and there is nothing you can do.  You have limited space in your car for some very important things to take but not enough room to take everything leaving that large family portrait from the 1800s, what is the price of losing that portrait.  I would say it is priceless.  Most people lose their homes and business to wildfires each year.  Homes and business’s burnt to the ground, destroying everything they owned and some will financially cripple you.  Many people now are finding out that there are options to protecting their investments and memories.  With our satellite monitored Exterior Fire Protection System (EFPS), it will help prevent losing everything. The advantage of owning an EFPS is that increasing, your chance of coming back to your home or business and it is still standing.  EFPS increases protection to keep your home or business still standing preserving all your memories and investments plus you can save between 10-50% on your insurance premiums. For business, you can depreciate your cost of the EFPS up to 1.04 million dollars and still get reduced insurance premiums.  It’s a win, win investing in protecting your investments and memories with the EFPS by 1472 Protection.  Do not have that sinking feeling of losing everything and have to start over get your EFPS today and you do not have to worry about losing everything.  The EFPS is a custom-designed system that will fit your property like a glove.  1472 Protection comes in assesses the property and designs a system that will best cover your property. The EFPS is a 2 stage system that consists of a fire gel stage.  The fire gel is Eco-friendly which means it is approved by the United States Forest Service on their product use list; the gel is used in endangered species areas to protect them from wildfires.  The second stage is the water stage; it creates a water dome over your structures as the fire is passing.

Do not have that sinking feeling when you see that wall of flames coming towards your home or business.  Call 1472 Protection today at 1-800-284-3038 or email info@1472protection.com; get your investment protected with the Exterior Fire Protection System.

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