Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System

Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System (SEFPS) is a custom-designed system that is satellite controlled that will increase protection from wildfires.  
Even more dense areas are becoming populated with more people migrating to mountainous and wildfire prone
territory. Why not take a pro-active approach protecting your investment(s) and memories?
SEFPS gives you peace of mind knowing there is a way to combat these natural & manmade disasters.
With SEFPS You can Rest Assure Because of the Following:
1. You will have more time to evacuate and escape to safety.
2. Your chances of coming home to an existing structure have gone up by 98%.
3. Entire subdivisions and newer developments need increased protection from culprits. (Even a BBQ or  Fireplace can cause tremendous damage to nearby structures). 
Whether you live in a smaller gated community or a large neighborhood among hundreds of houses, SEFPS is your
solution to keeping you and your neighbors safe.

Advantages of getting the Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System

Greatly increase the chances of you coming back to your home or business.
Reduction in insurance premiums:10-50%
Do not have to be home for the system to work,
1472 Protection monitors your area 24/7/365 or in some areas just the fire season.
You Receive REAL TIME Alerts if there is a wildfire in your area via cell phone (call or text) or email.
During an evacuation, you will only need to focus on your loved ones. The rest is up to us.
Every system is custom designed to fit your property ‘Like a glove.’
No Robotic Responses. We assign each client with a customer service agent to answer question (s): NO
robotic responses. Real people to speak to you without automated messaging.

Disadvantages of not having the Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System

Lose everything
Financially crippling
Higher insurance rates or not having insurance

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