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Wildfire Protection Satellite Monitored Alert System Launched in Colorado
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1472 Protection launched a fire protection system to save property from wildfire damage. The satellite-monitored system alerts users about the impending threat of a wildfire.
Laporte, United States - February 10, 2021 /PressCable/ —
1472 Protection, a company based in Laporte, Colorado announced the launch of its round-the-clock fire protection system for safeguarding homes and businesses against wildfires.
More information is available at https://www.1472protection.com
The new announcement from 1472 Protection is aimed at ensuring the well-being and property of families and entrepreneurs in areas that are prone to wildfires.
Wildfires have become increasingly common across the United States in recent years. Colorado, in particular, has suffered as a result of wildfires. The state witnessed two of the largest wildfires in its history last year. The destructive fires spread across vast swathes of land and caused damage worth millions of dollars in urban and rural areas.
1472 Protection, which offers its services across the country, installs exterior fire protection systems on properties. The system is monitored by a satellite and is customizable. It alerts customers in advance about the onset of a wildfire. This gives them sufficient time to evacuate if needed.
1472 protection adopts a comprehensive approach to designing, installing, and maintaining its exterior fire protection systems. To begin with, the company conducts a wildfire risk assessment of the property. This includes checking whether there are propane tanks or other hazardous material in the vicinity that could worsen the effects of the fire. After eliminating potential risks, 1472 Protection sets up a customized fire protection system for the property. It coats key structural zones of the property with a gel that can suppress fires.
1472 Protection assigns a dedicated client manager to each customer. This individual guides the customer through the process of installation and answers any queries. The fire protection system from 1472 Protection, which functions throughout the year, helps reduce insurance premiums and business owners can also claim tax incentives under certain conditions.
A company spokesperson said: “The client will have a system that will greatly increase the protection from wildfires, so when they leave the property, they know they have a great chance of coming back to their home or business still intact.”
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