Exterior Fire Protection System

The Exterior Fire Protection (EFPS) is 1472 Protection signature fire protection system. The EFPS is a 2 stage system that is custom designed and monitored by satellite. The system is a stand alone system, means it runs off its own power supply.

Stage 1: of the EFPS is the fire gel stage 1472 Protection uses FireIce 561 fire gel. FireIce 561 is an eco-friendly fire gel that is approved by the U.S Forest Service on their product use list. It is used for endangered species areas. FireIce 561 is deployed on structures along with the property via exterior fire sprinkler system.

Stage 2: of the EFPS is the water stage that is installed on structures. The water will deploy when the wildfire is within a mile of the property line. It will protect the structures by creating a water dome over the structures, protecting the structure(s) from flying embers and any other flying debris: while maintaining a cooler temperature in the structure.
The Exterior Fire Protection System can be used on residential or commercial properties.
Advantages of getting the Exterior Fire Protection System
• Greatly increase the chances of you coming back to your home    or business.
• Reduction in insurance premiums :10-50%
Do not have to be home for the system to work,
o 1472 Protection monitors your area 24/7/365 or in some               areas just the fire season.
REAL TIME ALERTS Do not have to worry about starting the system if you are being evacuated. Just focus on family.
• Every system is custom designed to fit your property like a          glove.
• Have an assigned customer service agent to answer question(s): no robotic responses.
• Business can use the tax incentive to depreciate the cost of        the EFPS up to $1.04 million dollars.

Disadvantages of not having the Exterior Fire Protection System
• Lose everything
• Financially crippling
• Higher insurance rates or not having insurance

To learn more about our Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System you can go to 1472protection.com or email us at info@1472protection.com or call 1.800.284.3038

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