Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System

Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System (SEFPS) is a custom-designed system that is satellite controlled that will increase protection from wildfires. Numerous people are moving to wildfire-prone areas increasing the chances of a wildfire starting. Why not take a pro-active approach and protect your investment(s) and memories? Give yourself or your family a great chance once you evacuate your property to come back your property still intact. 1472 Protection assesses the subdivision property and designs a SEFPS to fit your subdivision increasing the protection factor greatly.
Advantages of getting the Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System
• Greatly increase the chances of you coming back to your home or business.
• Reduction in insurance premiums:10-50%
• Do not have to be home for the system to work,
        o 1472 Protection monitors your area 24/7/365 or in some             areas just the fire season.
• Alerts you if there is a wildfire in your area via cell phone (call or text) or email.
• Do not have to worry about starting the system if you are being evacuated. Just focus on family.
• Every system is custom-designed to fit your property like a glove.
• Have an assigned customer service agent to answer every question you have: no robotic responses.
Disadvantages of not having the Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System
• Lose everything
• Financially crippling
• Higher insurance rates or not having insurance
To learn more about our Subdivision Exterior Fire Protection System you can go to or email us at or call 1.800.284.3038

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